Happy Lunch Box HLB❀️😍

Happy Lunch Box! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹ #soon! (It will all starts in Healthy foods. Love your body 😊) ~> Cucumber, Grapes, Letuce, chicken, & Choco bar. πŸ’•

My Sa-Wraps Chicken Tortilla πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹(It includes Cucumber, mango, lettuce and chicken πŸ’•


Don’t run ahead of God. Let him direct your steps. He has a plan. God is always on time.

β€œThe steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” (Psalm 37:23) You’re traveling a course to get to the blessing God has promised you. Every step is a lesson. Sometimes we grow weary and decide to jump ahead of God before time but He catches us to bring us back to the step you left off from. It’s like a father who has a car for his son but gives him the keys early as child; that’s a blessing for destruction. But if the father waits until his son is a young man with experience then will his son be prepared for the blessing. Stay on track. We like to rush into marriage and end up divorced. We like to have kids before marriage and end up struggling. We like to rush out of school and end up jobless. It’s not that it wasn’t for you it’s because you skipped steps and you got off track.

Stay on track! Just like Paul, β€œ…for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, to be content.” When I’m single, I learn how to be happy single. When I’m married, I learn how to be happy married. When I have a house, I learn how to be happy in a house. When I have a room, I learn how to be happy in a room. Are y’all hearing me!? I learn how to be happy with a cell phone. I learn how to be happy without a cell phone. I learn how to be happy with friends. I learn how to be happy when all them leave. I learn how to be happy in whatever state I’m in to thank God for the steps!

Don’t worry about your storm. Know that God is ordering your steps. Press pass depression, press pass looniness, press pass fear, press pass discouragement. If don’t like where you are don’t worry about it, it’s just a step. If you don’t like how you’re feeling right now, stop crying it’s just a step. Do not put too much energy in a place you’re about to leave. Why worry about a step? Do you not know where you are will pass? What you’re worried about will pass. So while you’re going through and enduring your steps to get to your blessing you just stay on track. Praise Him on the steps before get to the stage and when the time is right you’ll get there!

(Words by Bishop T.D. Jakes)

Focus on the present;& leave the past.

Mix emotions. Yeah. I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now. But I’m still calm because i know God is here with me. 

God will not let this things happen if he doesn’t have a purpose. Andito na naman po ako sa B.O.W Lord.. Hindi po mawawala ang faith ko whatever happen. I trust you Lord. I know you have plans for me.. A BETTER PLAN. And thank you for all the heart ache and problems that you giving me. I’ll take them as a blessings. Yes.. Because a Person hasn’t a problem is Nothing. 

There’s a lot of detours in my life. When i say detours. Madami pong paliko-liko. Yung akala mo nasa tuwid na daan kana pero may paliko pa pala. Thank you also Lord for the UPs & DOWNs too. Sabi ko nga, patunay lang na ikaw lang ang makapag papasaya sa isang Tao na tulad ko. Hindi po ako mag ququestion bakit ganito Lord… I will take your will for me and i will walk with you. Whenever i go, or whatever places i will be.. You will always in my heart Lord.. I will SEEK YOU! everywhere i go. ❀

Thank you Jesus.. Thank you for loving me so much! Alam ko pinagpapala ako at pinapalo mo na. Forgive me for all my sins.. and I’m praying for every one who needs Love & Comfort. πŸ™

Don’t know what my title here. Just read it. πŸŒΉ

Ang emotions of love ay pwede nating ikumpara sa isang kandila. A candle’s wick or mitsa is white & clean when it still nee and unused. Kapag sisindihin natin ang isang kandila, pagsindi ng posporo, hindi pwedeng isang dampi lang sa mitsa. Hindi sisindi ang bagong kandila kung panandalian lang ang pagdampi ng apoy. Kailangan tatagalan ang pag dampi ng apoy sa mitsa upang mag apoy ito.

Kapag sumindi na ang kandila, magsisimula ito sa maliit pa ang apoy nito, agad itong mamamatay. Kailangan ng matagal na oras na nakasindi muna ito para unti-unting lumaki ang apoy at lumiwanag. Habang tumatagal na nakasindi ang kandila, mas dumadami ang tunaw ng kandila na siyang nagpapasindi sa mitsa.

Sa ganitong kondisyon, kapag hinipan mo ang kandila, hindi mo basta-basta mapapatay ang apoy lalo na’t hindi kalakasan ang hangin sa pag ihip mo. Kailangan ang malakas at matagal na hangin para mapatay mo ito.

Ganun din sa Love. Sa unang pagkakilala at pagkakaibigan, hindi agad nag aalab ang puso natin kait anong pag papakita ng pag mamahal at pagseseryoso ng isang manliligaw. Parang posporo sa kandila, kailangan matagal mo munang ididikit ang apoy para sumindi ito. Ngunit sa tagal ng panahon ng pagiging magkasama, unti unting napapamahal ang tao sa atin hanggang lumaki na ang apoy ng pag mamahal at hindi ito basta mapapawi kahit na anong pinagdaanan ng magkasintahan o magkaibigan. Parang sa kandila na matagal nang nakasindi, humaba na ang mitsa at malakas at matibay na ang apoy.

Pero sa mga pagkakataon na nagkalayo, o may bagay na naging dahilan ng paghihiwalay ng mag jowa, namamatay na rin ang love. Parang malakas na hangin ito na nakayanang patayin ang malakas na apoy. Pero, sa muling pagkikita, parang isang kandila na dating malakas na ang apoy na namata, MULI ITONG MABUBUHAY AGAD SA ISANG DAMPI LANG NG APOY. 
My thoughts this rainy afternoon while waiting for my Cell group.


You was thought hes the guy of your dream.

but he was always mad at you and scream;
before he said, I love & miss you.
and now, he’s not for ever with you.

You’re the girl that can wait for a long time.
he was the guy who is, so high like a mountain 
You’re the girl that can hide and say β€œi’m fine”
the girl that always getting hurt and blind.

CFO Clark. (One Stop Processing Services/OSPS)

Hi guys i just want to share to all of you my CFO Experience at Clark Pampanga. For those nearby places, like Nueva Ecija, pangasinan, tarlac bulacan or where you are in North Luzon, you can attend your cfo here instead in manila, its fast and convenient. πŸ™‚

Cfo-Clark is Walk In only. You don’t have to make an Online appointment.

My Seminar starts at 2pm. I arrived in One stop at 9am. Then they give me a paper to fill out them first. Then the guy told me that i can go back at 2pm for the Seminar. 

At 2pm other applicants are not finished yet and others are just coming thats why the seminar started at 3:30PM. It was very quick and informative. Specially the speaker explain it well. πŸ™‚ it was end up at 4:30PM. 

Their office operates during Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only. You may call their office at (045) 499-8119 website:www.cfo.gov.ph 

God bless you all! πŸ™‚ 

Source: Β©cfo.gov.ph 

Mga signs na Niloloko kana ng Jowa mo. (basahin nyo maganda ‘to :) ]

  1. Laging may dahilan. ehem. alam na alam mo pag ayaw nya, tapos pag magagalit ka, magagalit din sya sayo! haha.
  2. Laging online. yung nakikita mo syang online tapos hindi nagrereply sa chat mo? gago e no.. Β πŸ˜€
  3. Ayaw mag video call, pag kasama ang barkada! Ay nakow.. Alam ko na yan.. hmmm sasabihan kapang, ” bat ka tumatawag, can’t you see i’m busy” — Ulol! Busy ka sa Kalandian mo. Shuhada!
  4. Nag palit ng password sa mga account. (may naamoy naba kayong masangsang?) haha.. Dahilan nya, ” I want PRIVACY” Leche, Privacy ko yang mukha mo eh. qiqil mo z aq!
  5. Ayaw nag papalambing sayo. — Ngayon pala gusto magpalambing don sa isa! hahaha Pag nag lambing ka, Magagalit nalang bigla, ( Wow Tantrums mennnn)
  6. Dry mag chat. Mafifeel mo naman yon eh. nako, diligan kita jan eh. inis mo z aq!
  7. nakakalimutan ang important dates, like monthsarys and anniversarys. Pisti, may ka month-month na pala kaya nkalimutan yung sayo.
  8. Nag iiba yung words nya sa Chat nyo, yung ‘CGE” naging SIGE aba.aba.. magaling..
  9. Yung tatawagin kang BABE! hahaha! Pag mag jojowa kayo wag babe tawagan nyo ha. Pang UNIVERSAL kase eh. Lahat ginagamit ng iba, kaya Lahat ng Jowa nya, BABE lahat ang tawag nya. shhh. πŸ˜€

Tapos pag nahuli mo, parang santo eh, no.. “lahat gagawin, bumalik ka lang sa akin’ Nye style nyo mga bulok! gas-gas na yon eh. dami palusot ng mga manlolokong yan.. kaya kayo mga bes, guard your heart sa mga fuck boy at fuck girls.. they aren’t worth our time. Save your heart, dun sa deserve ng love nyo. Wala akong pinatatamaan dito, may nag request lang na gumawa daw ako ng ganito kase, qiqil nyo daw sya eh. hahaha!

Well, yan palang yung idea ko eh. hahaha suggest me if you have know the signs, lol.. Thank you for reading! God bless y’all πŸ™‚


A year from now whatever you’re worried about won’t matter. People come and go in life like seasons, its important for you to know who is suppose to just be a season and who is suppose to be permanent. If you have to question it, leave it. Focus only on those who push you to do better, who bring out the best in you when you’re at your worst, who give you comfort, who see the good in you when everyone else sees a failure and who make the effort to be in you life.

Our generation is so flawed and corrupted. Know exactly what you have when you have it, life is too short to regret losing something to let go.


And the most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.

These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. I know my self worth. MY STORY IS JUST STARTING.Β 


I had my interview on September 5 2017 it was went well but the CO told me that he can’t approved right now my case because he still need other documents, he issued me 221 (g) Form the color white paper. Its says there, list down the documents that you will send in US EM.

They ask my A.K.A Name NBI and my fiancΓ©e CENOMAR Certificate of No marriage.

I send my documents thru 2Go and its free of charge on September 7, 2017 then the next day they received my docs, at 3:00 pm September 8, 2017.

I decided to check my status in CEAC on monday 9/11 but there was no update and still in AP.

Today, 9/12 i checked again and it still in AP but the date is UPDATED. (Last updated 9/12)

9/12 : I’ve decided to email US em but there’s no reply yet. Hoping for their response on the next 2 days.

9/13: Status in CEAC -AP Last Updated 9/13/17

9/14: CEAC – ISSUED. Finally! Thank you Lord. My Status in ceac is issued. πŸ™‚ Its really worth the wait! β€πŸ’•πŸ’•