“If you have lived in a country other than the Philippines for more than 12 months, you must submit a police clearance from that country”

Yup, that’s the instruction from USEM since i have a k1 visa interview this coming sept. i lived for more than 12 months in UAE so i have to get or request my Police Clearance from there. So here’s the step on how  getting a Pclearance in UAE.

  1. You must have your MNL case # from NVC. (NOA1 & NOA 2 is not valid when you are getting sundry information in NBI MNL. because there is no case # from the noa 1 & 2) When you have your case #, go to nbi manila to request a sundry, ( Requesting of sundry information is free you don’t have to pay anything) NBI manila is Located at UN avenue Ermita Manila.
  2. After having your sundry information, NBI manila will send your file to DFA-OCA  ASEANA Manila. They will give you a claim stub and wait for 5 working days to get the authenticate documents.
  3. In DFA, releasing of your documents, you will pay 100 pesos, it is the fee for the RED RIBBON/Authentication. |You Must check first everything your information before leaving the consular office.
  4. After the authentication in DFA you may now send it to the UAE Embassy in Manila your authenticated document. (But make sure all the information is CORRECT!)
  5. There is http://www.express DHL Inside of the dfa, Authentication Fee is 2550 plus shipping of 504 php. ( Reminder: WWWExpress/DHL is the only courier company accredited by the UAE Embassy to collect and bring your document/s to the Embassy for authentication. The courier/service fees are separate from the authentication fee of the Embassy.)
  6. After the document has been authenticated by the UAE Embassy, it shall be delivered back to you by WWWExpress/DHL, together with an application form from the UAE Ministry of Interior. Kindly fill up the form and attach the required documents that are specified for submission.
nbi sundry
Sundry Information/Finger Print
UAE POLICE CLEARANCE Arabic Translation (Original)
UAE POLICE CLEARANCE English Translation.

IMPORTANT ADVICE:Please consider sending your documents to a relative or friend in the UAE who can act as your representative and personally submit your documents to the Police Headquarters in the UAE. This is to ensure the safety of your authenticated documents and the convenience of having someone to call for follow-ups on the status of your application. An Authorization Letter or Special Power of Attorney should be given to your representative.


Likewise, once the UAE Police Clearance is released, please remind your representative to have it translated in English before sending the document to you.


Loving a Military Man.

“Loving a military man is not hard. The distance is hard, the worry is hard, the sacrifices are hard. But loving him… that’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done”

Who would’ve thought that i’ll be having  a soldier in my life. everyone said that its really hard the situation of having a military man. I remember when my bf joined military, he is in Guam that time he has a simple life, working in a famous clothing company (oopps he’s not a model lol) he is a sales associate. Because Guam-Philippines is just 2 hours time differences its easy for us to communicate. Like we chat everyday, updating each other what we are doing, skype whatever we want.. Yes, LDR is there.. (magkabilang mundo 😀 ) But i don’t have to worry about him because i trust him with all my heart..  until one day we had a serious talk, he’s telling me that he wanted to join in military.. Well honestly, i’m not favored with him. Lol yes, of course when you entered in military, you have to face everything!!! Then there he goes, i can’t stop him what he wants, (i’m the gf will support you what ever you want, that’s how i love you.) First attempt, he didn’t pass the qualifying exam, but i keep pushing him to take another chance.. then Gotcha! he Passed it.. So everything is ready.. he is ready to go on his training. But before he left in Guam, HE decided to go home first in PH. Too bad because i’m not in PH, that time huhu.. ( I got a job in UAE that’s why i’m not in PH) he wants me to come home, luckily my employer let me to come home just for Five (5) days.. Yep 5days. ( See how love can travel truly ❤ ) so before he go to his training we see each other first.. I am so Bitter Sweet that time 😦 if i can stop the time so i can be with him for a long time…

To make my story short,

Loving a military man is not HARD, the distance is HARD – Yes, this is true 😥 because, you can’t hug them when you want to… you just have to wait and to be patient.

Loving a military man is not HARD, the worry is hard – Always. happens to me 😥 During his training, we don’t have any communication… i’m just waiting for my phone to beep or ring, expecting that the message is from him.. but when you got the phone call even in just 3 minutes, it’s like the best feeling ever! ❤

Loving a military man is not HARD, the sacrifices are hard – indeed! you will invest your time waiting for the love of your life.. you will sacrifice! you will understand him always because his job is to help and to serve the country.. you have to be open minded, and to be patience.

My Fiancee is Three (3) years now in The US Army, What i can say is, I’m Proud to have a Military Boy Friend who serve the country with all his heart. All the sacrifices and the hardships will be paid off soon.. 🙂

And I thank God that in Everything we  do he is always there for US.. he never leave us during in our hard times.. God is really faithful to those who is faithful to him. ❤

To everyone that their Significant other is in military too, Hang on there, keep the faith and Put God always in your Relationship. 🙂 Like in 1 Corinthians 13:7 said, Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Be patient always! ❤


This year, or what i mean in 3-4 months I’ll see my military man… Yayy!!! 🙂 I just can’t hide my excitement and feelings hehehe..

Mathew 19:6- So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

That’s all for now and i hope you enjoy reading my vBlog about LOVING A MILITARY MAN. 🙂 God Bless y’all ❤


Sometimes I wonder if this generation understands what it truly means to remain committed to each other. Commitment is bringing your ass home and remaining loyal to your partner even when you both don’t see eye to eye on certain days. Commitment is continuing to work hard on your relationship even when the romantic mood has already left. Commitment is truly being a ride & die for your partner when tough times almost get the best of them. Commitment is being your partner’s sunlight during their darkest hours. Commitment is reassuring your partner that they will be ok even when the doctor’s diagnosis doesn’t look good. Commitment is walking by your partner’s side through a storm the same way you do when the sun is out. Commitment is waiting on your partner hand and foot when they cant do for themselves. Commitment is being the calm one in an emergency when you see your partner freaking out. Commitment is never giving up on your relationship, and making a real effort to see your partner smile. Commitment is overcoming everything together, and loving each other until your last breath.

©Relationship Rules. ❤💋