When in Baguio. [ January 2017]

The happiest day of my life, indeed! Thank you Lord God for binding us together.. we know that we are so busy in our work, but still you give us the opportunity to spent our time together [at sa baguio pa ha, bongga talaga si Lord] 🙂 Thank you for the safe trip, we go home safe and sound.. ❤

[We are Two days and one night in Baguio Philippines. I rent a transient for just only 5900.00 with 3 rooms! Yes its cheap.. and its nearby the market.]


My experience in Potipot Island


Its very relaxing and affordable price for you.. when you want to chill, unwind & if you love the nature you’ll surely love this island.. from dawal beach resort is 3-5 minutes going to Potipot island, riding a boat.. entrance fee is, 100 each for day swimming and 300 each for over night swimming.. you can bring your own tent in the island there’s also a cottage that is for rent if you want to stay over night in the island.. too bad we just have to spend for an hour in the island but i’ll surely come back here for my mini vacation with family and friends.. 🙂

[From Pampanga, it’s 5 hours drive.. if you will go via Victory Liner Bus, ride a bus going to Santa Cruz.. then tell to the conductor to drop you in dawal beach resort.. Enjoy and have fun! 🙂

Location: Candelaria, Zambales ❤

For you.

Frustration and depression.

I wish you’re here beside me.

I wish you’re here comforting me.

But you’re there… far away from me.

Miles away from you for almost Five (5) years.

Our Relationship is not so easy.. a lot of problems we had.

But we keep going on.. i wish there is no miles between us.

Baby, please come home and embrace me.

I miss you.. miss you as much the moon and the sun miss each other.

Missing everything we had before..

I just keep keep faith to God,

Because i know one day he will direct our paths together.

I hope one day, or someday.. you are waiting me to the altar.

While i’m preparing to say my word “I DO’ for you. ❤

I keep on day dreaming that someday, we are together and never be apart.

We have a family, a kids and we’re a happily married.

That’s what i want.

But God said, Let love him first before anything or anyone else.

That’s why we put God first  and centered him  into our relationship.

I know, all of these hardships will end soon.. I just don’t know howto be patient now, (but that is all i need patient and trust)I miss you so much.. missing you & if i had the chance to see you i will hug you so thight like i don’t wanna lose you.. I miss you.